Galaxy Z Fold 6: Samsung finally did it, but I’m not ready to get addicted to a large display


user, being able to use my phone with one hand sits on the very top of my priority list.

At the same time, the disadvantages coming with a tiny phone like the mini are to be expected, yet quite frustrating – at least in certain scenarios.

Considering you need your phone to last a long time for taking photos, videos, using Google Maps, listening to music, and staying connected, the half-day battery of the iPhone 13 mini simply doesn’t cut it – which is why I always carry a MagSafe battery pack when traveling.

Of course, the other feature you sometimes wish you had is a larger screen. Not necessarily for entertainment purposes (people who buy small phones don’t really watch movies on them) but for practical stuff like being able to get a larger map view on Google Maps, having a larger viewfinder for taking photos/videos, and web browsing where you need to look at something in greater detail (say when hunting for a new apartment).

Naturally, the same small frustrations with my iPhone 13 mini are the reason I’m now giving the iPad mini 6 a go, but only a few days after playing around with the smallest tablet around, I already know it’s not the perfect solution for me for two reasons:

  • The Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini I have won’t be the travel companion to replace my iPhone mini; remember, I mostly wish I had a larger phone when traveling

  • Having a larger smartphone-like device makes you use it more even when you don’t really need to; sometimes I catch myself going: “Hey… I have an iPad… I should do this thing (I could totally do on my phone) on the expensive tablet I have – otherwise why do I have it?!

And that’s where the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 comes into the picture – if it does…

My biggest problem with the Fold is no longer Samsung: Galaxy Z Fold 6 makes me wish I was “that folding phone guy”

Before proceeding, bear in mind I’m referring to leaked renders of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. That being said, they look pretty legit, so I wouldn’t say there’s a reason not to trust what you’re looking at…

Anyway, in a nutshell, the reason I see the Galaxy Z Fold 6 as a potential replacement to my iPhone 13 mini and (now) iPad mini combo isn’t because it’s a folding phone… They’ve been around for a while, so I couldn’t said the same thing about the Galaxy Z Fold 2. But I never did.

Why? Well, simply because Samsung had a lot to fix after launching the first, prototype-like Galaxy Fold.

5 reasons the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is the first Samsung foldable that can replace my iPhone + iPad combo

  • While (as per usual) it is far from the leaders in foldable design, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is apparently getting lighter and thinner; more specifically, 12.1mm and 239g vs 13.4mm and 253g on Fold 5 – a notable reduction in thickness and weight, making the Fold 6 only 7g heavier than the Galaxy S24 Ultra

  • After five (painful) years, the cover screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 finally looks usable thanks to a wider 6.3-inch panel; don’t get me wrong, the Fold 6’s outer screen is still far skinnier the ones in the Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open, but I’d argue it’s perfectly usable now, and that’s huge news

  • This one’s totally subjective, but I find the sharper, more square aesthetic of the Fold 6 better looking compared to the Fold 5; moreover, using a sharper frame makes more sense on the Fold 6 compared to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, since the phone is skinnier when folded and thinner when unfolded, making the sharp corners less likely to dig into your palm

  • Of course, we can’t talk about a new Samsung phone without mentioning Galaxy AI, which will make the Fold 6 even more practical and useful; Samsung will most likely show off some new AI tricks that have to do with the folding design, and even existing features like Circle to Search and web page summarization should be a treat on the large display

  • Let’s not forget that the Fold 6 will be the first Samsung foldable to get 7 years of software support, which is a big deal; the updates should keep the expensive device fresh in the long-term, and make it a killer deal if you buy one 1-2 years after launch

My biggest problem with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 now is how good the Fold will be at wasting my time

In the end, why is it quite unlikely I’ll buy a Fold 6 to replace my iPhone and iPad mini? Well, because my biggest problem with the Fold 6 now seems to be… me. Or how addicting phones are – however you’d like to put it.While having a large 7.6-inch display with you at all times sounds awesome, having a tablet that fits in my pocket will also make me use my phone more – when I actually wish I used my phone less.

Moreover, I’ll most likely end up returning the iPad mini I have to the PhoneArena office, and avoid buying one.

As I said in the intro, while the iPhone mini makes me wish I had a larger phone (or a foldable) in certain scenarios (especially when I travel), it makes up for that with how unlikely it is to get you hooked on social media – at least compared to the huge iPhone 15 Pro Max, and let alone the huge-er Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Will I come around and pull the trigger on a Fold 6? Maybe. However, right now, the “addiction” factor/trade-off isn’t worth it for me.

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