Galaxy Z Flip 6 preview: new main camera, bigger battery

Rumors and leaks have extensively unveiled what we could expect from Samsung’s upcoming clamshell foldable: the Galaxy Z Flip 6. Hype is building as we’re approaching the official announcement event for the phone, which is set for July 10, when we’re going to also see the Galaxy Z Fold 6. All in all, we expect a relatively minor upgrade over the Galaxy Z Flip 5, with several notable improvements that Samsung has prepared for us.

We expect an upgraded main camera that should jump to 50MP from 12 on its predecessor, a new chip, and a slightly bigger battery. Also, there are rumors about a slightly bigger external display, but for now, those seem to be contradicted by some of the leaks.

Apart from that, in terms of looks and overall feel, we expect little differences from the Flip 5.

As for the price, there’s speculation indicating we might see a price increase, but also, leaks and rumors that contradict that also exist. For now, we expect it to start between $999 and $1099 in the U.S.

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Galaxy Z Flip 6 Specs

Rumored specs are top-notch

Galaxy Z Flip 6 Design and Display

Mostly the same but refined

We don’t expect huge upgrades when it comes to the looks of the clamshell foldable. A similar premium build is expected to adorn the phone, and some rumors point to an improvement in the hinge mechanism.

As you can see from the leaked renders above, the differences from the previous generation aren’t as huge.The phone is rumored to be available in light green, light blue, silver, and yellow colors, according to rumors. Leakers have also confirmed the colors, adding that white, black, and peach could be’s exclusive options.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is expected to rock the same Corning Gorilla Armor as the S24 Ultra, which should make it better protected against scratches.

As for the displays, earlier rumors said the cover screen may grow in size to 3.9 inches. However, more recent rumors suggest the Flip 6 will retain the 3.4-inch external display of its predecessor.Β  It may jump to a 120Hz refresh rate though, so this is very good news.

On the inside of the foldable, we expect a similar 6.7-inch AMOLED display to its predecessors. There are rumors online that Samsung may use a thicker glass panel for the internal display, which could make the display more durable and what’s even more exciting: with a less noticeable crease.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 Camera

Main camera jumps to 50MP resolution
The Z Flip 6’s camera is where we expect one notable upgrade. The Flip 5’s main camera sports a 12MP resolution, which is not ideal for a phone in its price range. According to rumors, Samsung may be remedying this by including a new, 50MP main camera on the Flip 6. According to leaks, the camera will feature an f/1.8 aperture and could be the same one used on the S24 and S24 Plus.

Apart from the upgraded main sensor, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is expected to feature the same ultra-wide with 12MP resolution to complete its dual-camera setup. On the front (or, more like the inside) of the phone we would probably have a 10MP front-facing selfie camera.

Foldables aren’t historically famous for their photography prowess. But the 50MP main camera is a welcome improvement to the Flip, and may turn how we look at foldables and their cameras.

Of course, we expect Galaxy AI to be available on the Flip 6. The generative AI experience has a couple of camera-centric features, including Generative Edit and Edit Suggestions.

I’m curious to know if Samsung will have the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s more natural color processing for the Flip 6 or not. We’ll have to wait and see for that.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 Performance

New chip, no Exynos (as per usual)
The Galaxy Z Flip 6 is expected to come with a premium flagship processor: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It’s recently leaked on Geekbench showing promising results, especially if you confirm those with its predecessor. Earlier, an Exynos variant was in the rumor mill, but it seems this rumor may be incorrect. In line with tradition, the foldable may be available with Qualcomm’s chip internationally.

Besides the stronger chip, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 may finally get a 12GB RAM option. So far, Samsung’s clamshell foldables have been limited to 8 gigs, and it seems, according to the leaked Geekbench result, that the phone will have an option with 12GB of RAM for smooth multitasking. And probably, for faster Galaxy AI.

Most likely the Flip 6 will still have its entry-level option of 8GB of RAM though. As for storage, we expect a similar situation: 256 and 512GB storage. I don’t expect a 1TB option, although the Fold will most likely get one.

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 will most likely launch with Android 14, just like any other Android phone launching before October. It will have Samsung’s One UI on top, and most likely Galaxy AI features that were introduced with the S24 series.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 Battery

Bigger battery comingΒ 
Things are more exciting when it comes to the rumored battery. Rumors and leaks are suggesting the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will come with an upgraded battery over its predecessor.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 comes with a 3,700 mAh battery cell, and according to leaks, the Flip 6 will improve on that and feature a 4,000 mAh battery. Any increase in battery is a good thing, especially when it doesn’t come with an increase in size or weight (such is not expected). So, the phone should be able to last more than its predecessor.

Apart from that, we do expect the same 25W fast charging capabilities on the Flip 6 just like on the Flip 5.

When we get the phone for a review, we’ll test it and tell you how it performs in terms of battery life.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 Audio Quality and Haptics

Flip phones aren’t particularly the best when it comes to audio quality. Leaks are still silent on that one aspect, and given its subjective nature, it makes sense to not have as much detail on this yet. When we test the phone, we’ll for sure tell you how it sounds. As for haptics, we don’t expect many changes here compared to its predecessor. You will probably get pleasant vibration feedback when typing, but nothing sophisticated or too refined.

Should you wait for the Galaxy Z Flip 6?

Most likely – yes. The thing is, the phone is about to get unveiled on July 10, and although it won’t probably offer as many upgrades in comparison to its predecessor as many would like, it still isn’t just an iteration.
It will probably have a bigger battery and a new main camera, and for that alone, it would probably be worth it to wait for a couple of weeks before buying a foldable right now.

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