Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition: a foldable made for Olympic athletes!

The Flip 6 just became official and now Samsung is unveiling a special Olympic edition of the beautiful clamshell foldable. This edition has been specifically crafted and customized for all athletes competing at the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.

This edition is the first ever to feature Galaxy AI. Generative AI will help elevate the athletes’ Games-time experience, and it will come pre-loaded with a full suite of exclusive services and useful apps. What’s even cooler is that this is the first time Samsung’s hot-out-of-the-oven product is made available to athletes before its official market launch.


The Z Flip 6 Olympic edition is available in an exciting yellow color adorned with Olympic rings and Paralympic agitos in gold. On top of that, Samsung partnered with Berluti, who designed Team France’s official outfits for the Opening Ceremony, to create an exclusive Flipsuit Case for each phone. The case is made from Venezia leather, and each case has a unique patina with a vibrant color mix inspired by the Olympic rings.

-Stephanie Choi, EVP & Head of Marketing of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics

Galaxy AI

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition features a range of useful Galaxy Ai features to help athletes from around the world connect in Paris:

  • Live translation – translates phone calls in real-time into 16 languages.
  • Interpreter – instantly translates live conversations, making it possible for athletes to make friends even without speaking each other’s languages.
  • Composer – helps draft emails and social media posts by using simple keywords.

Olympic athletes can use Galaxy AI to help get ready for competition, express their creativity, and capture memories from the event. Here are the features that will make this possible:

  • Instant Slow-mo – record, share and analyze athletic performance in slow-mo to refine technique.
  • Photo Assist – makes sure athletes get the perfect shot every time.

Services and Apps

There are specific services and apps built-in to make the Olympic and Paralympic experience with the Flip 6 an awesome one. The Flip 6 Olympic Edition comes with an eSIM of 100GB 5G data in partnership with Orange, and athletes can enjoy two years of Samsung’s global warranty. Athletes also get several official International Olympic Committee (IOC) apps like Athlete 365, Olympic Shop, Paris 2024, Transport Accred App, and IOC hotline.

Samsung Wallet comes pre-loaded with an in-app pass for free beverages in vending machines across the Olympic and Paralympic Village in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company. Also, athletes get unlimited complimentary public transport access cards in partnership with รŽle-de-France Mobilitรฉs (IDFM).

Each Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition will also feature a suite of Paris 2024-themed apps for fun, such as PinQuest and Galaxy Experience.

Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition on the podium

Traditionally, athletes have been prohibited from bringing personal belongings to the podium when receiving a medal. However, this time Samsung will provide the Z Flip 6 Olympic Edition for use on the podium, and athletes can create their own memories in a victory selfie. All these selfies will be uploaded to Athlete365 in real-time, so athletes can share and save their iconic moments with family and friends.

Nearly 17,000 athletes competing at Paris 2024 will be provided the custom-built Galaxy Z Flip 6 smartphone. Athletes will start receiving theirs starting July 18.

All in all, it’s an excellent initiative from Samsung to support the Olympic and Paralympic games. I personally think all these athletes will be delighted by the opportunity to get one of these gorgeous and sporty Z Flip 6 phones, and I kinda wish I was competing as well. Oh, if only I knew 20 years ago…

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