Expensive Google Pixel 8a myth lives on Verizon but it can be free with a Disney+ bundle

Just as predicted, it made no sense for Google to raise the price of the Pixel 8a that it just announced, and it stayed the same $499 that Google asked for its predecessor. If there was ever a rumor for a $50 Google Pixel 8a price increase, it must have been for the Verizon version.Β 

The phone costs $549.99 there, perhaps on account of the 5G mmWave modem, so nothing can beat having the Google Pixel 8a for free, and that’s exactly what Verizon is doing.Β 

Google itself offers $100 of store credit with every Pixel 8a preorder, applicable towards goods and services from its own online store, but even if you sign for its Google Fi virtual carrier, it only gives back $300.

On Verizon, however, as well as T-Mobile, the phone can be had absolutely gratis. Verizon says that the Pixel 8a is on the carrier for both new and existing customers, as long as they sign for a line, which can cost from $30 for the basic Unlimited option in its myPlan roster. The Pixel 8a deal doesn’t require any older phone trade-ins, either!

If you already have a plan and don’t want to change or extend it, the VerizonPixel 8a will be available on May 14 in Obsidian, Bay and Aloe colors for only $15.27 a month in a 3-year installment scheme.

Besides getting the Pixel 8a for free without a trade with a basic plan, when signing up for Verizon‘s Unlimited Plus or Ultimate plans, the carrier alsoΒ throws in six months of Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, or the so-called Disney bundle, to check out. Any takers?

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