Enjoy up to 50 hours of listening with the dirt-cheap Soundcore Space A40 earbuds with this deal

We love super-duper earbuds like Samsung’sΒ Galaxy Buds 2 Pro or Apple’s AirPods Pro 2. However, these cost a lot, and not everyone is ready or can afford to spend that much on new earphones. Sometimes, a sound lover has only $60 to spare, which is quite insufficient given that top-tier earbuds start from $200. So, the only choice our protagonist has is to spend their hard-earned cash on a pair of cheap, low-quality earbuds that produce an awful sound. Well… Not exactly. Not at least if our cash-strapped music lover takes advantage of this deal.

Soundcore’s affordable Space A40 are on sale at a sweet $21 discount on Amazon right now, which slashes the price of these earbuds by 26%. We know that a $21 markdown is truly mediocre; however, it brings the cost of the Space A40 under the $60 mark. And these earbuds are a real steal at that price.

Yes, these fellas can’t compare to $200 earbuds, but they offer awesome sound for the price. You can even adjust them to your preferences via the EQ functionality in their companion Soundcore app. Additionally, they come with capable ANC, which effectively mutes low-frequency sounds.

They may be small, but pack awesome battery life, offering up to 10 hours of playtime on their own. With their case, their total listening time goes up to 50 hours, which is pretty impressive.

As you can see, the Soundcore Space A40 are actually pretty great for such affordable earbuds. Just like we said, they are a real steal while available for under the $60 mark. Therefore, act quickly and get a pair on the cheap now while the offer is still available!

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