Early Prime Day deal makes Amazon’s newest Echo Show 8 cheaper than ever before

Released just last year and thus unlikely to receive a 2024 sequel, the third-gen Echo Show 8 may well be the best smart display out there for most everyday users. At a regular price of $149.99, the middle-sized Alexa-powered gadget is not exactly extravagant, especially compared to its bigger $250 Echo Show 10 and $220 Echo Show 15 brothers.

But what if we were to tell you there’s now a very easy way to slash an unprecedented 65 bucks off that already reasonable list price? That equates to a massive 43 percent discount, and when we say that you’re looking at an unprecedented deal here, we’re counting everything Amazon previously offered bargain hunters enamored with this type of 8-inch touchscreen-sporting smart speaker.
There are no prizes for guessing what special condition you need to meet to take advantage of this new, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023-beating promotion. Yes, we’re talking about a Prime membership, which you probably already have anyway or were at least thinking of signing up for ahead of next week’s Prime Day 2024 festival. 

Trust us, you will find a lot of great things at absolutely irresistible prices on July 16 and 17, although if you’re only interested in an affordable smart display with a decent amount of screen real estate and all of Alexa’s smarts, there’s clearly no point in waiting another five or six days before placing your order.

The Echo Show 8 (2023) comes in black and white colors at the exact same record high discount, supporting “room-filling” spatial audio and smart home controls without the need of a separate hub device. Its 8-inch display is about as sharp as you expect, playing HD content in your bedroom or kitchen from services like Prime Video and Netflix, and impressively enough, the camera on this compact gadget is just as powerful and smart as the one gracing the larger Echo Show 10.

You’re looking at a 13MP auto-framing affair here, which should prove ideal for both personal and business video calls conducted from the comfort of your living room. Of course, the Echo Show 8’s audio skills are the number one thing most prospective buyers probably care about, with Alexa promising to intelligently and intuitively handle all your voice requests for tasks as diverse as playing music, checking the weather, delivering news briefings, and setting timers and alarms.

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