A possible Galaxy Ring 2 spotted in the wild days before the Galaxy Ring goes live


Such is the nature of mobile tech: everything is happening so quickly that we can’t wait for the first model to be official to discuss the next one!

So, about the original Galaxy Ring: it was briefly teased at the Samsung Unpacked event on January 17 when the Galaxy S24 line went live. Then, this fascinating wearable was shown again during the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in February. However, we expect to get the full scoop on the Galaxy Ring during Samsung’s next Unpacked event that’s just days away: mark the July 10 date on your calendar!

Get ready to sit in the dark, hold a shiny round object in your palm and hiss: “My precious…”!

There’s an exclusive report that uncovers a patent application for what seems to be yet another Samsung smart ring. It’s filed with the United States Patent Application Publication and the patent details hint at a potential successor, possibly named the Galaxy Ring 2.

The teasers for the Samsung Galaxy Ring show a fully circular design with sensors integrated into the inner layer. However, the new patent reveals a squarish outer layer and a circular inner layer with embedded sensors.

The ring appears slightly elongated and not a simple 100% circular design. It may feature two display units: selecting an icon on the first display will show information on the second screen, with both screens working interactively based on user input.

The display unit is likely to be useful for interacting with and viewing workout stats, heart rate, notifications, call alerts, etc., and could feature an AMOLED panel. The patent images suggest the Galaxy Ring will support various body and health measurements, and will include a temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, fingerprint sensor, and a switch. Connectivity options might include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee technologies, NFC, and MST (magnetic secure transmission) for payments.

The patent documents indicate multiple ring sizes, with 27 sizes in South Korea and 65 sizes in the US, to accommodate varying finger sizes. The design of the wearable changes with each size, which might also affect the price.

To understand how an eventual Galaxy Ring 2 could compare with the original Galaxy Ring, we’ll have to wait and see what the first iteration is all about. So far, it’s said to be equipped with features for tracking heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and physical activity. Notably, the ring is expected to wirelessly control other electronic devices.

The excitement has been building for half a year now, with reports indicating additional features such as blood flow measurement and electrocardiogram functions. The ring is also expected to support wireless payments.

Given that the Galaxy Ring is designed to be worn on the finger, it is highly likely that this smart device will be water-resistant.

There are rumors that Galaxy Ring users may be able to activate a Lost Mode feature through the app. If the ring goes missing, the app could trigger a blinking light embedded in the ring, making it easier to locate. The app would also provide feedback on whether the light is blinking or if it can’t connect with the ring.

A smart ring is fascinating because it represents a leap forward in wearable technology, combining advanced health monitoring and connectivity features in an even more discreet and compact form than a smartwatch.

Unlike smartwatches, which are worn on the wrist and can sometimes be bulky, a smart ring offers a more subtle and potentially more comfortable alternative while still providing essential health data and connectivity options.

Let’s finish with this memorable Lord of the Rings quote:

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