A billionaire’s $180 Galaxy broke in two after two years of usage: the Dubai heat is to blame

Image credit – PhoneArena

Pavel Durov is adding one more title to his resume. Apart from being a billionaire, a CEO, and an entrepreneur (he’s behind the popular social networking site VK and the Telegram app), he’s also… owner of a broken phone!

If you think we’re talking about a golden-plated iPhone 16 Pro Max with a diamond frame, well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Pavel Durov, a man of $15.5 billion net worth, has been using the Galaxy A52 for the last two years. Now, this mid-ranger is literally broken in two. According to Durov himself, that’s because of the Dubai heat. Durov, originally from Russia, has been living in Dubai for years now.

Here’s the original Telegram post from Durov’s channel:
The Telegram CEO says he’s been using this “$180 Samsung” as his daily handset since 2022. He chose it specifically because he wanted to use Telegram like the majority of users out there – that leaves the flagships out, as many people just get a $200 phone and go on with their lives.

However, the budget-friendly device will not serve Durov anymore, as it is broken because of the Dubai heat.

Heat: how to avoid damage?

While such an event could be sort of amusing to some of the more cynical people out there, smartphones and heat really don’t get along.Significant damage can occur due to excessive heat, though it is rare for them to break in two solely because of it. Extreme heat can cause lithium-ion batteries to swell, potentially damaging the phone’s internal structure or even causing the battery to burst. High temperatures can also overheat the processor and other internal components, leading to reduced performance or permanent damage.

The screen may suffer from discoloration, warping, or cracking if exposed to prolonged heat. While heat alone is unlikely to cause a phone to break in two, it can weaken the materials, making the device more vulnerable to physical damage from drops or pressure.

To prevent heat-related damage, avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight for long periods, do not leave it in hot environments, manage apps that cause excessive heat generation, and use the phone in well-ventilated areas.

So, Pavel Durov is in need of a new phone. What would you recommend? Budget is, well, limitless…

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