6G data speeds hit 100Gbps in test, 500 times faster than average 5G data speeds

We might not see 6G start to appear until 2030 and between now and then there are still so many things that 5G data speeds can help accomplish that we still have the opportunity to have our minds blown by the current wireless technology standard. Still, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get excited about what the future holds. According to Science Alert, a 6G demo test held in Japan using a prototype wireless device had a download data transfer speed of 100Gbps which is 10 times faster than peak 5G, and 500 times faster than the average 5G handset.

To demonstrate how fast 6G can be, consider that a two-hour Netflix movie in medium quality streamed to a phone weighs in at about 1.5GB in size. At 6G speeds, eight to nine Netflix movies can be downloaded every second. While many consumers know that the peak download speed for 5G is 10Gbps, what they don’t know is that achieving peak speeds requires the use of the most powerful gear running under optimized conditions.

The device used in the test ran over high-frequency bands in the range of 100GHz and 300GHz. The extremely fast data speeds accompanying 6G could be used to help run autonomous vehicles, help surgeons perform remote operations, and allow consumers to download high-resolution movies faster. These are examples of tasks that were used just a few years ago to demonstrate how much faster 5G would be compared to 4G. So far, many of those examples such as self-driving vehicles and remote surgeries have not been widely experienced despite the broader reach of 5G signals. 

So what the so-called expert analysts are saying is that if they were wrong about many of the things that 5G connectivity would bring to the world, don’t sweat it. You’ll see these things for sure when 6G is here.

6G will also increase bandwidth allowing more traffic to be connected to the same network at the same time. The report also says that 6G speeds will make Wi-Fi unnecessary for many and this is reportedly starting to happen now with current 5G speeds.

Don’t start worrying about your 5G phone becoming obsolete or wondering how much it will cost you to buy a 6G device. You probably have at least six years before 6G handsets start to become available.

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