2024 Moto G Stylus comes with a better pen and a low price for the creative masses

Motorola is at it again, announcing the next in a long line of value for money phones for the North American market. The 2024 Moto G Stylus is out and brings doodling powers to the creative masses at a bargain price!

The upgrades from the previous edition include a larger screen canvas to draw on, as well as improved specifications and features of the built-in stylus. Here’s all you need to know about the new stylus champion of Motorola:

Moto G Stylus display and specs

The 7th edition of Motorola’s venerable stylus phone line offers a sleek modern design kitted in leatherlike material for added traction and standout looks, as well as a rare audio jack port. It also comes in cool color options like Caramel Latte or Scarlet Wave.

The leaked official 2024 Moto G Stylus renders already hinted at an altered display aspect ratio, and Motorola has indeed changed some things around. The screen has grown to 6.7 inches, but Motorola made it slightly wider instead of taller, using the 20:9 aspect ratio to add more canvas to doodle on with the stylus.

The 1080p pOLED display still comes with a high 120Hz refresh rate, a welcome addition at its price point, and is able to display the full DCI-P3 color gamut for HDR visuals.

The Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processing power is carried over, and Motorola outfits the 2024 Moto G Stylus with 8GB RAM and 128GB of basic storage, with a 256GB model available as well. The new Moto G Stylus is also one of the rare phones out there with a microSD card expansion capabilities for up to 2TB of added storage.

The stylus

As a versatile budget warrior, the new member of the Moto G family wields a mighty stylus that can be tucked into the phone’s body when not in use for easier storage. The new stylus design now offers a larger contact area and greatly reduced latency for a smoother note-taking, list making, and general doodling.

The new stylus feature interface allows faster access to all of its functions, with a customizable list of favorite apps that can pop up the second that the stylus is withdrawn.

From fun stuff like GIF making or livening up messages to friends and family, to the more serious stuff like OCR text extraction from documents and digitizing them with Moto Note, the Moto G Stylus does a lot of the functions that the thrice more expensive Galaxy S24 Ultra can.


A new 50MP sensor takes the lead as a main camera on the 2024 Moto G Stylus, complete with optical image stabilization for steady videos and sharper photos in low light. 

Speaking of nighttime photography, the 50MP sensor offers pixel binning to merge four pixels into one giant 2 micron pixel to collect more light when the lights dim down.

At this price point, one shouldn’t expect periscope zoom, of course, but Motorola offers another versatile camera to compensate that you have to take a step or two forward to take a closer shot.

The 13MP ultrawide camera on the back offers a wider field of view for fitting big groups and landscapes into the frame. Not only that, but it also offers macro mode for the ultimate magnification of closeups. The 32 megapixel front selfie camera rounds up the photography experience with the 2024 Moto G Stylus.

Long battery life and fast charging

Coupled with the large 5,000 mAh battery, the 1080p display on the fresh Moto G Stylus does wonders when it comes to battery life. Motorola says that the phone can easily get you through a whole day with heavy use, and we tend to agree as, historically, this combination of 1080p screen and a big battery has led to some record long battery lives.

Motorola didn’t stop here though, as it kited the 2024 Moto G stylus with fast 15W wireless and 30W wired charging, so that you can get a whole day of usage at just 30 minutes of charging time.

2024 Moto G Stylus price and availability

  • $399.99 on May 30
  • Metro by T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Cricket
  • Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile
  • Consumer Cellular
  • USCellular
  • Spectrum
  • Xfinity Mobile
  • Google Fi Wireless
  • Optimum Mobile
  • Straight Talk
  • Total by Verizon and Visible

The Moto G Stylus is priced at just under $400 for the 128GB version, and will be available from Amazon, Best Buy, Motorola, or Walmart on May 30. As for the carriers, it will mostly appear on prepaid champions like Metro, Boost, Straight Talk, or Visible. Doodling on a budget? Priceless.

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